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Friday, December 30, 2016

New Years Eve Streamathon Project

Thought I would post a list of supplies if you wish to work along with me during my stream on NYE during the streamathon  I am making a desktop calendar and Post-it Note holder.  I will add a photo here once I get the prototype finished. 

1 sheet 12"x12" pattern paper (doesn't have to be double sided)

4" x 10"  med weight chipboard or cereal/cracker box

glue (double sided tape, glue stick, or favourite wet glue) 

3"x 3" piece of acetate (or plastic from packaging or food container) Can omit this if you 
           dont have any plastic.

roll of masking tape

paper trimmer or scissors

Calendar PDF   (click the word calendar to open then print)

Embellishments - this is a small project but I know some of you all love to add lovely embellishments to your projects this is where you can dress it up however you wish....


Monday, October 17, 2016


Are you making plans for New Year's Eve but don't want to leave the warmth of your home?  Well you are in luck.  

I am organizing a Streamathon on USTREAM.TV to help celebrate the New Year in MOST of the time zones around the world.  I belong to a wonderful community of streamers from all over the world who will VOLUNTEER to stream in 1, 2, or more, hour sessions.  So far there are only a few time slots filled, however, do not fear; one way or another (may include some major trickerheading!) all the time slots will be filled.  

So..... If you are a member of our online community and wish to stream in one of the time slots please contact me on Twitter or Facebook (if you follow me in either of these social media) or leave a comment here.  I will update the schedule here as times fill in. 

Here is the updated list of the Streamers and their links:

 Stream Time Slot (EST)
Streamer’s Name
Streamer’s Link
New Year
EST time
COUNTRY / CITIES Celebrating New Year
Sat. Dec 31
   7:45am –

Bunny Designs
Sat 8:00 am
Much of Australia (and 7 more); Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Honiara
Sat 8:30 am
Small region of Australia; Adelaide
Sat. Dec 31          
    8:45am –


Coffee and Art in the Morning
Sat 9:00 am
Queensland/Australia (and 6 more); Brisbane, Port Moresby, Hagåtña
Sat 9:30 am
Northern Territory/Australia; Darwin, Alice Springs
Sat 10:00 am
Japan, South Korea (and 4 more); Tokyo, Seoul, Dili, Ngerulmud, Yakutsk
Sat 10:15 am
Western Australia/Australia; Eucla
Sat 10:30 am
North Korea; Pyongyang, Hamhung, Chongjin, Namp’o
Sat. Dec 31

Pixie Corner Dwellers
Sat 11:00 am
China, Philippines (and 11 more); Beijing, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore
Sat 12:00 pm
Much of Indonesia (and 8 more); Jakarta, Bangkok, Hanoi, Phnom Penh
Sat 12:30 pm
Myanmar and Cocos Islands; Yangon, Naypyidaw, Mandalay, Bantam
Sat. Dec 31
 12:45pm –
Debby Epps
Sat 1:00 pm
Bangladesh (and 6 more);  Dhaka, Almaty, Bishkek, Thimphu, Astana
Sat 1:15 pm
Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Dharan
Sat 1:30 pm
India and Sri Lanka;
New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru
Sat 2:00 pm
Pakistan (and 8 more);
Tashkent, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi
Sat 2:30 pm
Kabul, Kandahar, Mazari Sharif, Hera
Sat. Dec 31      
   2:45pm –

Scraps to Beauty
Sat 3:00 pm
Azerbaijan (and 8 more);
Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat,
Port Louis
Sat 3:30 pm
Tehran, Rasht, Esfahãn, Mashhad, Tabriz
Sat 4:00 pm
Russia (and 24 more);
Moscow, Ankara, Baghdad, Khartoum
Sat. Dec 31
   4:45pm – 6:45pm
Little Phantom

Phantom Arties
Sat 5:00 pm
Greece (and 30 more);
Cairo, Athens, Bucharest, Johannesburg
Sat 6:00 pm
Germany (and 43 more);
Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Algiers,

Sat. Dec 31
   6:45pm –

Sat 7:00 pm
United Kingdom (and 26 more);
London, Casablanca, Dublin, Lisbon, Accra
Sat 8:00 pm
Cabo Verde (and 2 more);
Praia, Ponta Delgada, Ittoqqortoormiit
Sat. Dec 31
    8:15pm –

Scrap n Share
Sat 9:00 pm
Regions of Brazil and South Georgia/Sandwich Is.; Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasilia

Sat. Dec 31
    9:45pm - 11:45pm

The Musical Scrapper
Sat 10:00 pm
Regions of Brazil, Argentina (and 9 more); Buenos Aires, Santiago, Asuncion
Sat 10:30 pm
Newfoundland and Labrador/Canada/Greenland
St. John's, Nuuk
Sat 11:00 pm
Eastern Canada (and 29 more);
Moncton, Halifax, Caracas, La Paz, San Juan, Santo Domingo
Sat. Dec 31
Sun. Jan1

Monkey Island Madness
Sun 12:00 am
Regions of USA (and 13 more)
New York, Toronto, Caracus,
Sun 1:00 am
Regions of USA (and 9 more);
Mexico City, Chicago, Guatemala City
Sun. Jan1
   1:15am –

Sun 2:00 am
Regions of USA (and 2 more);
Calgary, Denver, Edmonton, Phoenix
Sun. Jan 1
   2:45am –


Sarah’s Creative Chaos
Sun 3:00 am
Regions of USA (and 3 more);
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Victoria, Vancouver
Sun 4:00 am
Alaska/USA and regions of French Polynesia;
Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Unalaska
Sun 4:30 am
Marquesas Islands/French Polynesia;
Sun. Jan 1
   4:45am –

Sun 5:00 am
Hawaii (and 2 more);
Honolulu, Rarotonga, Adak, Papeete
Sun 6:00 am
American Samoa (and 2 more);
Alofi, Midway, Pago Pago
Sun 7:00 am
US Minor Outlying Islands:
Baker Island, Howland Island

As you can see there is time at the end of the schedule that is empty as I am waiting to hear back from one of 2 people to take this slot as Meko moved into another cancellation.  Well It is going to be a great number of hours of fun streams.... PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS A FUN TIME AND WE ARE DEPENDENT UPON THE INTERNET AND USTREAM CONNECTIONS THAT ARE BEYOND THE CONTROL OF THE STREAMERS!!!!! 

Click HERE for a PDF of the streamers list you can print it and follow along that way if you wish...IMPORTANT NOTE - the links on the pdf will not link you directly to the streamer just to the ustream homepage for a live direct link see the list above.

Here is an interesting link showing all the time zone for the new year....
Our group has done this a few times before and it is a lot of fun.  Some streamers may work on a specific project that you can follow along with.  In this case I will post info here on an update.   Some will simply work on whatever is on their desk.  It is up to the individual streamer.

Also we are not organizing any major prizes or giveaways so please don't come thinking you can win a huge prize like some other streamers give away on NYE.  This is simply for fun and a chance to spend time with our wonderful art community.  That being said; some individual streamers MAY choose to have a giveaway but that is not expected and totally up to them and it will also be up to that streamer and their mods to decide how the giveaway will work.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Neither myself nor any of the streamers will give credence to complaints regarding the process of the giveaways.  There is lag with Ustream chat and therefore the streamer and/or their mod(s) will make final decisions on giveaway winners based on the results in their chat.

I hope to see you all Dec., 31st, 2016

Please remember this evening will be for FUN and FUN ONLY.....

Watch for future updates as we get closer to the New Year! 

Monday, August 01, 2016

MusicScrp Stencils - Release 1


I have updated my files.  When you receive the files you will receive a number of formats.  You will receive   .svg,   .jpeg,    .png,    .dfx,      and    .studio   files. 

With these files anyone with a Silhouette cutter will be able to cut the designs even without the designer edition of the program.  The .dfx file can be cut by a number of cutters if the software program can open it.  You will have to check if your particular cutter can cut using this dfx file


 It is important that you NOT actually edit the file on the web.  You must choose to download the form the edit it and email it to me.  To download the form go to FILES / DOWNLOAD AS  and choose which format.  Sorry about the confusion on this it is the first time i have done this type of sharing on my post. Glad I caught it this early.  

Original Post

Hello everyone.  It has been a number of months since I have posted on my blog.  As usual I seem to have few words when it comes to my blog. Those who know me from the online Ustream community will find it difficult to believe that I find it difficult to write.  However, putting words down on paper or a blog is much different than speaking them in conversations.   

MusicScrp Stencils

Over the past few years I have discovered a love for designing digital files using the free program INKSCAPE.  I use it to create designs for stencils; I then cut them using my Silhouette Cameo.  These files are SVG files and therefore can be cut on any electronic cutter that will allow you to open/import svg files.  These designs can also be used to cut backgrounds / elements for a scrapbook page or art journal page.

After watching me use the stencils I designed in my art journal and on my gelli plate during my Ustream show, my online Friends In the Box  (FIBS) have convinced me to put these original designs of mine for sale.  I am not able to sell physical stencils because I don't have the set up to be able to keep up with that type of order.

I am selling these DIGITAL FILES for $1.50 - $3.00 CAD.  There are different prices depending on the detail in the stencil.  This is because the more detailed the designs, the longer it takes to create.  Please note that these are original designs and you are purchasing art designed by me, MusicScrp.  AKA Jean, Sassy, Camo Magoo, Cashew depending on which of my FIBS is speaking to me.  LOL 

With the purchase you have permission to use the files in your art; be that cards, art journals, canvases etc. I give you permission to sell original art using my designs you have purchased and cut on an electronic cutter.  PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THE FILES; they are copyrighted.   Instead, please direct interested friends to this blog post so they can purchase their own.  ALSO, If you are asked to cut designs for a friend that may not have a cutter,  i ask that they also purchase their own copy of the designs they wish you to cut.

There is an order form linked HERE and below the file images. (If you are unable to open and edit the link above please send

   3 D FLY
 $2.00 CAD

3D flower
 $2.00 CAD

3D geometric circles
 $3.00 CAD

3D Octagon
$2.00 CAD
3D sphere mask
$2.00 CAD

3D spheres
$2.50 CAD

3D squares 1
 $2.50 CAD

3D squares 2
 $2.50 CAD

3D Star mask
$2.50 CAD

3D star tunnel

3D tunnel 1
 $2.50 CAD

3D tunnel 2

arches mask
$3.00 CAD

$2.50 CAD

arrow overlap
$2.00 CAD

Arrow wheels
 $2.00 CAD

blobs mask

    brick Wall



circle connected mask
 $2.00 CAD

circle grid
$2.00 CAD

circle with octagrams

circle scope
$2.50 CAD

circle strings
$2.50 CAD

circle tunnels
$2.50 CAD

circle with spokes
$3.00 CAD

circle with spokes masks
$3.00 CAD
 $2.50 CAD

doily placemat
 $3.00 CAD

dotted spirals 3D
 $3.00 CAD

extended triangles
$2.00 CAD

falling starz
$3.00 CAD

Fan Blades 1
$2.50  CAD

fan blades 2
$2.50 CAD

Funky Pillow
$2.00 CAD

grid stars 1
 $3.00 CAD

grid stars 2
 $3.00 CAD

$2.00 CAD

heart spirals 1
$3.00 CAD

heart spirals 2
 $3.00 CAD

hexagon tunnel
$3.00 CAD

 $2.50 CAD

$3.00 CAD

interlocking rings
 $3.00 CAD

lattice Circles
$2.50 CAD

numbers mask

octagons overlapping
$3.00 CAD

$2.00 CAD

octagon frenzy
 $3.00 CAD

$2.00 CAD
Plaid 1
$3.00 CAD

$3.00 CAD

 $3.00 CAD

spiral combo
 $2.50 CAD

Squared off
 $3.00 CAD

stained glass tiles
$3.00 CAD

star doilies
$3.00 CAD

Starry Night
 $2.00 CAD

Target masks 1
$3.00 CAD
Target Masks 2
$3.00 CAD

$3.00 CAD

Tire Treads
  $3.00 CAD

$3.00 CAD


FOR EVERY $21 CAD you spend choose a free stencil and add it to your order in the space provided on the order form.

There is an order form linked HERE

Please feel free to share art work you create using my stencil designs in a blog comment here on this post.  

Thanks so much for supporting me in this new artistic adventure.